New Holland TT4



New Holland’s new TT4 economy utility tractor range is set to redefine the economy tractor market in this ever expanding segment. This range of tractors offers three models: the TT4.55, TT4.65 and TT4.75, producing engine powers from 55 to 75 hp. 

The TT4 is set to replace the original Series TT which revolutionised the economy tractor market, when it was released to New Zealand in 2005. The New Holland Series TT tractor delivered proven technology reliability, simplicity, and low cost of ownership, at a very economical price. Since its introduction, New Holland dealers have sold the TT model into many different applications nationwide.
The new line up enhances the choice available to farmers, small holders, local government/municipalities and other operators who are looking for a highly versatile tractor. It offers excellent manoeuvrability, ergonomic comfort and fuel efficiency. The complete range is ideally suited to a wide range of both agricultural and non-agricultural tasks, including front loader activities, hauling and PTO work. The entire TT4 series benefits from New Holland’s acclaimed ergonomic excellence and distinctive styling cues.

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